merging multiple partitions on thumb drive

  • open the windows command prompt
  • type diskpart , it opens a separate command window
  • type list disk
  • identify your removable disk, you can confirm by going into Disk Management if you’re paranoid like i am
  • type select <disk ### name>
  • type list partition
  • type select <partition ### name>
  • type delete partition
  • if you get a message like
Virtual Disk Service error:
Cannot delete a protected partition without the force protected parameter set.
  • you can type delete partition override
  • repeat the deletion of partitions until you have one partition
  • type select <disk ### name>
  • type clean
  • type create partition primary




quick notes, snippets, bugs, and fixes

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diary of a codelovingyogi

diary of a codelovingyogi

quick notes, snippets, bugs, and fixes

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